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Hey guys,
i was wondering if there is any way to make shiny silver look antique??!
Thanks for your help!
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    People usually use Liver of sulphur.

    But, black salt (purchased from Indian food stores) works also. (works a little slower than the sulphur, but is safer and less expensive to use)
    place the black salt in a bowl with equal parts hot water, and soak the metal for a few hours. Watch the colour of the metal, and when you like the colour, rinse it.

    If you're doing sterling it works better because sterling has copper in it.

  • Don't forget your other trick, Chrissy...

    Crack an egg, seperate the yolk, and let the piece sit in it. Mmm... sulfur. Will smell awful, but the sulfur rocks you buy are essentially the exact same thing.
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      egg yolk cooked takes days, to get to black, but you can get a nice yellow in a day. but if you're up to the challenge of the farty stink for the week, go for it.
      of course ..ahem.. fart smell don't bother me too much. heh heh ;)
      • really? I used the yolk technique the other day and it worked pretty well in just about 10 minutes. But then again... I think the egg I used had gone bad already. Talk about farty! Hehe.
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          hey lau,
          you used it on sterling right? cause I use fine silver. fine takes and it's harder to get a true black.
          And you got a true blue black on your sterling silver in 10 min? find out where those chickens live, and snatch them up! ;)
          cause I can get to a nice deep yellow on fine silver only if I leave it in a plastic baggie all day and repeadily heat the piece.
          And on Sterling when I wanted to match a chain to a pendant, it used to take me a couple of hours for the chain to get to yellow golden.
          then I switched to the black salt, which is awesome, but the range of colours are slightly muted.
          then I broke down and bought the Liver of sulfur and now I stink the whole friggin place out.

          oh, I forgot to tell you.. michaels came out with a soldering gun that's "just for her" type of thing. It's designed for women. it's got a soft handle for her gripping pleasure and really fine points. it's kind of funny cause its a j'ust for her' product, but it works cool enough.
          also your necklace is done!
          gotta give it to you before you leave for school

          • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

            JUST FOR HER!?!?!? What is it? A torch DILDO!?

            Okay sorry, it is just too funny. I will have to check it out... I think I am going to get a pencil hand torch for now. I'm not emotionally ready for an acetelyne torch for the apartment nor can I take it to my apartment at school. I have a few new pieces I would love to show you. I leave Friday night... how do I see you before I leave?

            And LADY, I can't wait to see my present. Killian was raving about it!!!
            • and yes, the stuff I am sulfuring is cast "sterling" and turns black in an instant in your sulfur rocks you gave me. Granted, I am using a pretty concentrated amount since I want a deep black in the cracks of my new carvings.

              Magic chickens? Maybe they were just rotten eggs. Mmm... fart smell.

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